Hi everyone!

I just thought I would let everyone who follows me here know that I will no longer be using this blog. Tumblr as a portfolio platform doesn’t work well for me.

But If you would like to continue following my doodly exploits, you can follow me at http://nomzilla.tumblr.com which is my main art blog.

I have moved my portfolio over to Carbonmade, which you can view and follow here http://www.naomihudson.co.uk
I’m currently working on fully updating this

Thank you for your support and I hope to see you over at my other blog!


So I recently joined a speedpaint/draw facebook group that my friend created called “Gotta Draw Fast”. Its a laid back non-serious group but I fond it a good way of staying creative more often.

These are the only ones that I’ve done so far even though it’s daily. All were completed in under an hour along various themes.

The name and age signature is a thing we do in the group, as an homage to the group creator, Oliver Age 24

A quick Captain America while watching the movie!
Sketchbook pro on samsung galaxy note 2 - 20 mins appx

I had a burst of motivation! So I drew a spoopy Charmander for Halloween. I love this holiday, everything’s creepy and skeletons and orange/black.

My new tablet arrived today and oh my word! It’s totally weird working on a much larger surface, as I was using the small Wacom Bamboo tablet before, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it with more use.

It’s the Monoprice 12x9 inch wired tablet and is an absolute bargain at around £68 (I think I bought the last one though because it’s currently unavailable on Amazon) and is better than any other brand tablet I’ve used so far INCLUDING Wacom.

So paired with some brushes from Frenden and Kyle Webster I drew this little self portrait to give my new piece of kit a whirl!

I like it! Nice little addition to the family.
I have named her Dinah.

Inktober 1: Marceline?! #inktober

So I guess I’m having a bash at this Inktober thingy! Looking at this now though, the proportions are out. I should really look into investing in a drawing board so that I’m not drawing at an angle…

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Thanks <3


I have decided to teach myself calligraphy???

I bought some brilliant brush tool presets from Frenden (minus the halftone). They are absolutely wonderful to draw with, I’m in love with the brush tip.

I did a valentine for anyone who does or doesn’t have a valentine courtesy of my cat, Beemo.

He loves you.